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Zoom Artwork by Emory Douglas, 1972

Artwork by Emory Douglas, 1972

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Borotba activists in Kharkov laid flowers at the monument to Lenin 

On April 22, activists of the Union Borotba (Struggle) joined with Kharkovites who laid flowers at the monument to Lenin. A short rally was held at which they spoke of the powerlessness and servile position of workers in Ukraine today, and the way out of this situation — remembering the victory of the proletariat, led by Lenin. 

Borotbists also called Kharkovites to join pickets on April 23 and 24 at the municipal and regional councils, when local authorities will meet in extraordinary session. The protesters will demand that they meet the requirements of Kharkov on language rights, and economic and social issues.

Via Borotba

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Zoom Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina

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Churkin: US behind Ukraine crisis after investing $5bn in 'regime change'

The US is to blame for the events in Ukraine as it invested $5 billion in regime change in the country, taking a more radical stance that its EU allies, Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s envoy to the UN, said.

“It seems it was the Americans, who tried to push through the most radical scenario,” Churkin said in an interview with Rossiya 24 channel. “They didn’t want any sort of compromise between [ousted President Viktor] Yanukovich and the opposition. And, I think, they came to the conclusion that it was time to cash in those $5 billion and handle the matter towards abrupt regime change, which, eventually, happened.”

This explains why the US, but not the European Union, took center stage when the coup resulted in legal vacuum in Kiev, he added.

US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland told CNN on Monday that Washington has invested around $5 billion into supporting democracy in Ukraine since the fall of Soviet Union.

But Churkin has doubts about Nuland’s claims, saying that “any sane person would, at least, say that those investments didn’t pay off.”

“If those $5 billion were spent on support of democracy, but not overthrow of the existing government and regime change, then no democracy has triumphed there [in Ukraine],” he explained.

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Mexico City: ‘Day of Struggle of the Workers for the Solution of the Pressing Needs of the City,’ called by the Popular Front of Mexico City, April 22, 2014.

Photos: Communist Party of Mexico (Marxist-Leninist)

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Zoom "That ‪#‎MyNYPD‬ thing on Twitter is phenomenal. Fuck the police, seriously. Here’s one of my own contributions.”
Via IS Horst

"That ‪#‎MyNYPD‬ thing on Twitter is phenomenal. Fuck the police, seriously. Here’s one of my own contributions.

Via IS Horst

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Leningrad (“St. Petersburg”), Russia: Communists mark Lenin’s birthday at historic Finland Station, April 22, 2014.

Representatives of the “Lenkomsoyuza” from AKM, Left Front Leningrad, Labor Russia, the CPSU and the newspaper “Leningradskaya Pravda” held a rally on Lenin’s birthday at the memorial plaque on the wall of the Finland Station in memory of VI Lenin’s arrival in revolutionary Petrograd from Finland, where he was in exile. It was here that he addressed the nation from the legendary armored car. 

Afterward, protesters laid flowers at the memorial plaque near the “Steam Engine Lenin” № 293, upon which he arrived in Petrograd. The legendary locomotive, mounted on one of the platforms at Finland Station, was donated by the Government of Finland to the Soviet people. 

We have been struggling for quite a long time for the preservation of revolutionary historical monuments and are determined to achieve its restoration.

Via Left Front Leningrad

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Southeast stands against xenophobia: New provocations by Ukraine junta

Ukrainian authorities have organized new provocations against the movement of the Southeast.  

In Donetsk, unknown persons distributed anti-Semitic leaflets signed by the People’s Republic of Donetsk. According to the text of these leaflets, Jews over 16 years were allegedly summoned for registration by the protesters who seized the building of Donetsk Regional State Administration, for which they had to pay 50 dollars. As established by Donetsk bloggers, this roughly fabricated fake was spread by local supporters of the right-wing Kiev authorities, and “freelance journalist” Alex Matsuka willingly took up the theme in the “patriotic” Ukrainian media. However, Rabbi Pinchas Vishedski of the Donetsk Synagogue immediately said that it was a crude forgery and political provocation, calling on people not to believe the fake text. 

An attempt at a similar anti-Semitic provocation was averted in Kharkov, where several unknown women who had previously been seen disseminating defamatory material about the Union Borotba (Struggle) tried to put up an anti-Semitic poster at one of the protests. However, Kharkovites immediately stopped the attempt. There is information that these provocateurs are specially created by Kharkov authorities on orders from Kiev for the purpose of subversive activities aimed at splitting and discrediting the protest movement in the city. 

Simultaneously, several agents controlled by the Kiev authorities tried to blame the Sloviansk defenders with persecution of Gypsies. However, according to residents Sloviansk, this is slander, and in the continuing protests against the junta there are actively involved representatives of many different nationalities — including Armenians, Meskhetian Turks (who have their largest community in Ukraine), as well as  Jews, Greeks and Moldovans. 

"All of this is the systematic work of the Kiev authorities to discredit the protest movement in the Southeast. The junta-controlled media cynically is trying to present its participants as xenophobic hooligans,” said Sergei Kirichuk, coordinator of Borotba.  

“However, there are xenophobic nationalists among the Kiev Maidan. Among right-wing groups, which took an active part in it, were ideological racists and Nazis involved in beatings and murders motivated by racial hatred. Moreover, liberal defenders of the junta preferred to hush up these well-known facts. After seizing power, the junta freed the neo-Nazis guilty of killing people in the center of Kharkov. 

“The movement of the Southeast stands on positions of internationalism; it unites people of different nationalities and upholds their basic rights, regardless of their nationality and the language they speak,” said Kirichuk.

Via Borotba

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