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Radicals at Occupy Atlanta issue three demands

Atlanta, GA— A group of radicals participating in Occupy Atlanta put forth three demands on the City of Atlanta in an effort to bring local concerns to a national movement.  

 They are demanding: 

  1. The immediate and unconditional rescinding of the recent MARTA fare hikes. 
  2. The immediate and unconditional end to the Atlanta Police Department’s stop and frisk policies, including road blocks. 
  3. The immediate and unconditional repeal of House Bill 87, the Arizona copy cat law passed by the Georgia legislature.  

“This occupation cannot win without a set of demands that addresses the everyday struggles of Black and Brown Atlantans,” says Taryn Jones, a member of the group calling for the demands, “They are the people who have been living with an economic crisis for decades and for whom this economic collapse hits the hardest,” she added.  

The Radical Caucus of Occupy Atlanta identified these three demands because of the direct effect transportation, policing and racial profiling have on working Atlantans.  

Massive MARTA service cuts, and more recently fare hikes that have increased the cost of a monthly MARTA pass from \$52.50 to \$95 in just two years impedes peoples ability to get jobs, maintain jobs, and meet basic human needs. APD’s stop and frisk policies are the entry point for many young Black men into the criminal justice system, often resulting in racial profiling, brutality, and imprisonment. Stop and Frisk, as an entry point, keeps those affected from attaining jobs, housing, and social services. HB 87 explicitly criminalizes all those with Brown skin, and splits up the families of undocumented people.  

The Radical Caucus of Occupy Atlanta invites all those affected and concerned by the City of Atlanta’s attacks on poor People of Color to participate in the occupation in any way they can.
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