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Occupy protesters target home foreclosures

Protesters have ”reclaimed” foreclosed homes, shouted down foreclosure auctions, waved banners outside banks and held rallies and marches as part of a nationwide day of action by the Occupy movement to draw attention to the plight of home owners in foreclosure.

”The basic message of the 99 per cent is that everybody deserves a place to stay, everybody deserves a place they can afford,” said James Vann, an Oakland architect. Mr Vann was holding a protest sign on the steps of the Alameda County courthouse while about 40 protesters chanting ”Shame on you!”¬†surrounded auctioneers attempting to sell off homes in arrears of mortgage loans to banks.

”The courthouse steps are a dramatic, shameful place where a home is passed by anonymous people to anonymous people,” said Tony Wilkinson, a retired warehouse worker from Berkeley. ”Each one of these transactions represents a family and lives. This may be legal but it’s criminal.”
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