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Revolution in Yemen: Life March from Taiz to Sanaa

"Youth from the strife-torn city of Taiz are marching 250km to the capital Sana’a to demand that Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh stands trial for alleged crimes against humanity. The march, dubbed the March of Life, is a rejection of a deal that guarantees Saleh immunity from prosecution after months of violence in the country. The Yemen Revolution is the most deserved one. Yemen is at the edge of breaking down and turning into another Somalia and yet not getting attention very much like other Revolutions and I am not being selfish or greedy here. Everyone deserves Freedom, but I hope there was fairness in giving attention to all, especially those that most need it. Anyway that’s a different topic; let’s just focus on the Life March from Taiz to Sanaa, by foot going to a distance of more than 250km — that’s 155 miles."
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