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Coalition to March on the RNC demands right to protest

Tampa, FL - Organizers for the Coalition to March on the RNC held a press conference today, April 10, outside City Hall in Tampa. Leaders are organizing a national protest on the opening day of the Republican National Convention, to be held in Tampa, Florida on Aug. 27. Protesters will demand jobs, healthcare, education, equality and peace.

Fernando Figueroa, of Gainesville Area Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), spoke about opposing the ‘Clean Zone,’ an ordinance proposed by the Tampa city government that would attempt to keep Coalition to March on the RNC protesters away from the Republican National Convention. The Clean Zone also proposes that a number of items be banned from the march. “They want to talk about things we can’t bring to the protest, like string and children’s toys. I’m bringing shorts and a t-shirt to the march in August, and I want to talk about some items that really should be banned, like pepper spray and police batons,” Figueroa said.

Jared Hamil of the Coalition to March on the RNC and Fight Back Florida talked about the struggle for a permit in Tampa. “We filed for a permit requesting to march within sight and sound of the convention and we will not be caged or treated like animals.”
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