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I'm not entirely familiar with it, but what are your thoughts of the ideology Peronism?

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Peronism is the ideology associated with the late Argentine President Juan Peron. It is a bourgeois nationalist movement, meaning it resisted subjugation to imperialism (particularly the U.S. and Britain) while still maintaining capitalism. 

In practice, Peronism meant industrialization, some structural reforms benefiting the working class and nationalizations to protect national sovereignty; at the same time, repressing the class struggle and anti-capitalist revolutionary forces.

Like similar bourgeois-nationalist movements throughout Latin America in the post World War II period, Peronism was also a breeding ground for more revolutionary ideas among students and young workers.

The degeneration of Peronism alongside the rise of revolutionary ferment in Argentina and Latin America during the 1960s was answered by U.S.-backed military rule and “dirty war” against labor, peasants and progressive forces.
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