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'Black October' 1993: A crime without a statute of limitations

From the All-Union Communist Party (Bolshevik):

4 October 1993. After the tanks executed the Supreme Soviet, power in the country fell into the hands of the big bourgeoisie, led by Yeltsin. 

In the photo - the bloody orgy of bourgeois counter-revolution in Moscow on October 3-4, 1993.

The inscription on the wall of the stadium “Presnya” where Yeltsin’s executioners shot defenders of the Supreme Soviet.

The suicide letter of Valerie Vorontsova: 

In the Autumn of ‘93 I was at the ‘White House.’ (Maybe someone remembers the green-eyed blonde Leroux). I went there because I hate lies, cynicism, meanness, narrow-mindedness, stupidity, human cruelty, rudeness — in short, everything that is in abundance in Mr. Yeltsin, his henchmen and his regime. … 

I kept it quiet, modest, not screaming loud, TV reporters did not seek me out - - there were many other things: a man named Anatoly with a broken head, a woman (I think her name was Galina E.), who had a sudden heart attack, but a lot more then … 

And now that the real massacre, in my eyes, killed my friend of more than 10 years … And then I was wounded in the abdomen between the man and the commandos, with contorted face of hatred. I shouted to him: “Do not shoot, he’s hurt!” – To that the commando replied: “He was wounded, but not killed… “. I ran and covered that man, thinking — that bastard will not fire not fire on a woman — but the bullets went into my back … 

And then, in the filthy, dirty stairwell, I was wounded, slipping in and out of consciousness as two  OMON [Yeltsin’s fascist shock troops] raped me. I can still hear their words to the effect that, well, this agony was “due Rutskoi and Khasbulatov, but we did not get to them, so you get the full monty …” 

I woke up after 4 days in the hospital (thanks to the person who found me and sent me there). And I left the hospital only after March 1, 1994. It was thought, being wounded in the back, I would never walk again. But I got back on my feet thanks to doctors. I again came into this life, and what did I see? My country is stolen, everyone below bows his head in front of America. On television are the same figures from the insincere Alexis II to prostituted Mark Zakharov, and the people whom I respect, poured a double portion of the dirt. 

Avenge them all — for my friend, who was dying in my arms and said, “But still Rutskoi - President”, and whose parents still do not know where her body was buried — for me, for other women and girls. I would like to avenge myself, but I’m only 21, I have no strength and experience. I’m not complaining (on the contrary, if it was necessary to repeat everything, I would do the same, as it was then), but I appeal to the healthy, strong, intelligent, honest people: what if was your sister, daughter, mother, wife? … 

I do not know how to fight with the Yeltsin beast - with a weapon or an appeal to arms, but I personally know that I cannot live under this regime, whose hands I humbled, humiliated and crushed. You know, coming out of the hospital, I could not live in Moscow. I cannot see this (my mother!) city and its residents. Each riot policeman I see is one of those two. And so far (more than six months ago!) I cry at night. I went to a friend in the dead of the Ural village, but you see, silence, nature, forest, fungi, berries, fresh milk — because they do not save. I still every night dream of that massacre. At the hospital, I cried at night, that would wake the whole floor, the doctor even gave me drugs … 

I repeat: I’m not complaining about anything and have no regrets. I just want to live up to an hour of reckoning. 

Some might say, it is a personal tragedy. Yes, today, personal, and then, in October? As I did not shoot a criminal, a man armed with Yeltsin and his regime. And for that I was so cruelly tortured the two men in a smelly dirty stairwell, for which they hate me so? They said: “For Rutskoi and Khasbulatov.” 

Understand the October tragedy did not end , for some people it is continuing and will continue as long as the pay the price for what he Yeltsin did, Filatova, Grachev, Erin, Yakovlev Shakhrai Burbulis and others … 

With respect and love, Valery Vorontsov 

Vorontsov committed suicide in March 1994.
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