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NYC: Hold Walmart CEO Mike Duke Accountable, 12/11

Where: Council on Foreign Relations, Harold Pratt House, 58 East 68th Street, New York, New York 10065 

Walmart CEO Mike Duke is visiting NYC on Tuesday, Dec. 11 to give a speech for the Council on Foreign Relations entitled “The Responsibility to Lead” – talking about women’s economic empowerment, food security & the global middle class. 

That’s ironic, since Walmart represents the epitome of corporate greed: from use of sweatshop labor, to the poverty wages it pays associates, to discrimination, to illegal retaliation against workers who organize. Mike Duke has no right to speak about the “global middle class”, and it’s time we taught him the meaning of responsibility! 

Join 99 Pickets, ALIGN, Occupy Bergen County and allies for an afternoon of action – picket lines, street theater, and more. 

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–Text “@pickets” to 23559 for day-of text message alerts.– 

We will publicly hold Mike Duke accountable for:

* The deaths of 120 workers from a fire at Bangladeshi sweatshop producing clothing for Walmart in incredibly unsafe conditions.

* Paying Walmart workers poverty wages, forcing many to file for public assistance, and for retaliating against workers when they began to organize and speak out about working conditions.

* Mistreatment of workers across Walmart’s supply chain, especially warehouse workers and immigrant workers at Walmart suppliers 

We look forward to seeing on Tuesday. Bring your instruments, noisemakers and signs!
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