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Havana, Cuba: Comrade Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution, votes in the general election of February 3, 2013.

Photos by Roberto Suárez / Juventud Rebelde

The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, exercised his right to vote at the polls today to elect Members of Parliament and delegates to the Provincial Assemblies of People’s Power.

At the stroke of five o’clock, Fidel came to the polling station number one, of the district 13 of Havana municipality of Plaza de la Revolucion, where he has voted ever since those historic first general elections of 1976 in revolutionary Cuba.

A total of 8,631,836 Cubans are summoned to the polls on Sunday to elect the 612 members of parliament, said the president of the National Electoral Commission (NEC), Alina Balseiro.

Using the free, equal and secret suffrage, according to the Electoral Act 1992, those in the register of voters will also elect the 1269 delegates to 15 provincial assemblies of People’s Power, in nearly 30,000 polling stations enabled in the country.

Balseiro told reporters that they have created the conditions to ensure a massive attendance for election, as is tradition in Cuba.

Over 225,000 election officials were appointed to these elections, about 150,000 of them will work at the polling stations directly.

Those citizens received the necessary training to ensure the success of the elections, and the system was subjected to a dynamic test on Sunday, which allowed us to detect and correct problems, said the president of the CEN.

The election for members of parliament and provincial deputies is the second part of the general elections 2012-2013, convened in Cuba last July by the State Council.
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