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U.S. makes frantic efforts to take over Africa

By Prof. James Mbwabwadze

The United States of America, the world’s colossus, with the temerity to trample upon smaller nations, has made frantic efforts to take over Africa by laying siege to the continent’s vast natural resource base, through a more subtle colonialism.

This is done by exerting pressure on African states through regime change and the formation of a military unit, Africom, to specifically deal with Africa and control the continent’s oil, land, minerals and other natural resources.

The US has become the self-styled world policeman, with tentacles spreading all over the world in a dangerous and cruel, plunder game that involves military escapades. Africa is the centre and future ground of natural resources’ exploitation because it still remains largely untapped and wild.

Ultra-high technology is yet to be used to extract natural resources, hence there is a lot yet to be unearthed and there lies Africa’s source of problems — remaining with what others have already exploited to almost extinction.

The US idea is to wipe out all revolutionary parties and replace them with pro-Western governments that will allow it to mine and plunder resources at will. Under the plan, all revolutionary parties that fought protracted liberation struggles since the Winds of Change period in 1960s must soon be a thing of the past and pave way for a crop of new “democratic political parties” that are manufactured along the lines of Eurocentric democracy.
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