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Caracas, Venezuela: Committee for Defense of the Revolution and Peace formed 

April 17 (Aporrea) – The forces of Popular Power are mobilizing against the disregard for the results of the presidential elections held on Sunday, April 14. Opposition candidate Henrique Capriles’ summons to his followers left a trail of destruction, abuse and death, including the attempted burning of several CDI clinics, attacks on PSUV party offices, private homes and individuals on Monday, April 15.  

Groups met throughout the country to organize the resistance to what looks like an attempt to pave the way for international intervention under the pretext of “violation of human rights,” repeating the pattern of Iraq, Libya and Syria.

In Caracas, forces of Popular Power in the parish of San Agustín del Sur held a press conference on Tuesday, April 16, to announce the creation of the Committee for Defense of the Revolution and Peace. People from various social movements and communities presented their responses to recent events.
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