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Karachi: The workers of Pakistan expressed its full solidarity with the anti-imperialist struggle of the Korean people against the brash, aggressive U.S. policy on the Korean Peninsula.

The revolutionary zeal with which North Korea opposes aggressive machinations of the world’s only superpower will ignite the flame of resistance across the globe, especially in Asia.

Such were the views expressed by the participants emotionally protest, organized by the National Trade Union Federation of Pakistan (NTUF) in Karachi who condemned the provocative military exercises and military escalation in the U.S. and South Korea in the Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea).

The demonstration was headed by Muhammad Rafiq Baloch, President NTUF.

In a protest attended by a large number of trade unionists, left-wing political parties, human rights, youth, student and women’s organizations.

They chanted slogans against the U.S. government’s policy toward North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria and Iran. They also carried placards and banners with slogans such as “Down with U.S. imperialism”, “Korea is one”, “Withdraw U.S. Army from the Korean Peninsula,” “Stop the draconian attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan” and “Long live the anti-imperialist struggle in Venezuela, Cuba and Syria” .

The young participants also burned an effigy of U.S. imperialism. The speaker, who spoke at the demonstration, said the people of the world are under constant threat of hegemonic plans for the U.S., which has long waged an undeclared World War III for the purpose of control of mineral resources, oil and other natural resources through military means. Direct occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, indirect aggression against Somalia, Sudan and many other countries - the most eloquent examples of such aggression, in order to impose neo-colonization under the auspices of the American imperializma.Vystupayuschie stressed that the U.S. has sinister intentions to occupy North Korea (DPRK), Cuba by the use of brute force and are scheming to overthrow the government of the recently elected socialist president of Venezuela and leadership of Syria, using the right-wing mercenaries. These are the states that are resisting the imperialist intrigues in their regions. United States over the past 60 years have taken the southern part of Korea, which is now called South Korea and built a dozens of military bases, equipped with highly sophisticated weapons by posting on Korean soil around 30,000 of his soldiers to force the North Korean government to bow to the leading imperialist power mira.SShA and their lackeys have also used the UN forum to impose sanctions to pressure the people of North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran and other countries in order to impose their hegemony of the Western industrialized countries. Representatives of various organizations also confirmed that “the people of North Korea united under the socialist ideology and deeply devoted to the leadership of the WPK, determined to defend their socialist homeland at any cost.” They said that the people of the world want to Mother Earth is not remaining nuclear arsenals, but if the United States, France, Britain, Russia and other major powers want to have nuclear weapons, and North Korea to blackmail her to follow their line, the Korean people have no other choice but to create the necessary security mechanism for the defense of its sovereignty and socialist sistemy.Segodnya people of North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela, which withstand the furious onslaught of the imperialists became a beacon of light and hope for the struggle of the oppressed nations and the masses of the people around the world who hope to defeat the forces of evil and the hegemony of capitalism, the speakers said. After demonstration demands were made

* Cease all military exercises, military escalation on the Korean Peninsula

* List all military forces of the United States and close all military bases in South Korea and Japan to ensure the free association of the two Koreas in one state.

* Stop all UN sanctions against North Korea, Syria, Cuba and Iran.

* Immediate withdrawal of all NATO-led foreign troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, and immediately stop the drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

* Stop the sinister machinations of the campaign and the United States aimed at bringing to power of right-wing reactionary mercenaries by overthrowing the socialist president of Venezuela, the socialist government of Cuba, the Syrian government and others.

Speakers at the demonstrations were Nasir Mansoor, deputy general secretary of the National Federation of Trade Unions Pakistan (NTUF), Riaz Abazi, JUNEJO Khaliq, chairman Jay Sindh Mahaz, Sajjad Zaheer of the People’s Labour Party, Comrade Rashid from the Communist Party of Pakistan, Zehra Khan, Secretary General of the Federation of women domestic workers, Javaid Ansari, secretary of the Association of Friendship with Korea, Mushtaq Ali Shan State from the Union News, Gul Rehman, leader of the Movement for Rights of Workers, Sheikh Majid Mansour Razi and others.

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