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India: Relief collection for Uttarakhand flood victims by Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) and KOMSOMOL at Baranga.

From Comrade DN Rath:

Please come forward to help the SUCI(C) medical relief for Uttarakhand disaster. 


Help is needed to confront the unprecedented flooding disaster in Uttarakhand. Thousands died, thousands are missing and thousands of tourists are stranded.

The condition of the local people of Uttarakhand is worst. They are without any relief.

Reaching the disaster victims is the call of the hour. It is very difficult to work in terrain hilly areas of Gorwal region of Uttarakhand. But the Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist), true to its commitment to stand by the side of the victims of natural calamities, is starting Medical Relief work in Uttarakhand. The base Medical Camp is located in Rudra Prayag.

SUCI(C) has rendered medical relief with the aid of the Medical Service Centre. The Medical Service Centre has worked in Super Cyclone in Orissa, Killer Earthquake in Gujarat, Tsunami in Tamil Nadu and Adnaman -Nicober islands, Latur khilari earthquake in Maharastra, Surat floods twice, Baroda flood, etc. SUCI(C) provided the logistic support to the Medical Service Centre.

The work from Rudra Prayag medical relief camp will start on 29th June. This herculean Medical Relief work cannot be accomplished with the support of the citizens of the region alone.

Under this circumstances we appeal to well-meaning people contribute to our medical relief fund.

Please contact me at if you are able to contribute:

With Regards,
Dwarika Nath Rath
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