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Hundreds rally in Newark for Trayvon Martin, chanting ‘no justice, no peace’

The hundreds of people who endured 95-degree temperatures in Newark this afternoon to protest the verdict of the George Zimmerman murder trial were there because of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old Zimmerman killed last year.

But they were also there for their own communities, their own families, their own sons.

Protesters of varying ages and races gathered at the corner of Market and Broad streets. The crowd chanted ” No justice, no peace” and Martin’s name before marching to the federal courthouse. One woman splayed her body on the roadway and posed with iced tea and a bag of Skittles, the snacks Martin left his father’s home to purchase the night he died.

Guerlie Bazile Arglade attended the protest because she fears her 20-year-old son could be the next Trayvon Martin, she said. The family lives in affluent Short Hills, and Bazile Arglade said Martin’s death proves a young black man can be mistaken as an outsider in his own community.

"When he comes home late at night, I fear he’ll be killed by someone who doesn’t realize he belongs here," said Bazile Arglade, whose nephew Jaysen also protested, wearing a shirt with a hoodie attached.
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