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Communist Party of Ukraine: Block the way of tyranny & repression!

Statement of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, July 23, 2014. 

At the plenary session of July 22, 2014, the Parliament of Ukraine, under brutal pressure from the speaker, adopted the Law “On Amendments to the Rules of Procedure of Ukraine”, signed the same night by the President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko. By frank admission of Mr. Turchynov, the changes made solely in order to dissolve the Communist Party of Ukraine faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which will be done on July 25 this year after the publication of the law. 

This act was another step by the Ukrainian authorities established after the coup of February 21 this year, on the way to destroying the remnants of democracy and rule of law in our country, and suppression of any opposition. 

All fascist regimes begin with the ban of communist parties. Anti-Communist hysteria is always deployed when the bankruptcy of the regime becomes apparent in a country beset by social, political and other conflicts. 

This is the time our Motherland is going through: A catastrophically deteriorating economy, millions of rejected people living at the brink of extinction; an ongoing fratricidal war, which has killed thousands of people, including women, children and the elderly; businesses, infrastructure and entire villages destroyed; hundreds of thousands of compatriots, which the state is unable to provide any protection from arbitrary violence, are forced to seek refuge, leaving their homes. As a result, the unprofessional authorities of Ukraine are the actual the threat posed to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country. 

A new attack on the life of our disadvantaged people, after the signing of the EU Association Agreement, the Free Trade Area and the implementation of categorical requirements of the International Monetary Fund (increase in payment for gas, electricity tariffs for housing, transport and other services, rising prices, the abolition of privileges established by law and guarantees for socially disadvantaged groups), causes deep resentment in society and threatens a new powerful explosion of protest. 

Under these conditions, the anti-democratic regime, supported by its neo-Nazi forces, encouraged by the West, stupidly and methodically carried out a premeditated plan of the destruction of the political arena of Ukraine and displacement of the main opposition force that consistently defends the interests of working people — the Communist Party. 

The psychological and physical pressure, repression of party leaders and members, the destruction of the party’s central and regional committee offices, vandalism against monuments and commemorative symbols of prominent figures of the past and soldiers-liberators of WWII, the deployment of violent anti-communist hysteria, unfounded accusations of unconstitutional action by the party, the dissolution of the Communist Party faction in the Parliament of Ukraine — all are preparations to ban the party in the absence of any legal basis. 

Administrative Court litigation against the Communist Party was started by the direct order of Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Turchynov, who had temporarily assumed the duties of the President of Ukraine and demanded to have the case heard “without delay.” 

These actions are incompatible with the status of head of state, basic principles of democracy and law, and cause deep resentment in the progressive, democratic community, not only in Ukraine but also in many countries of Europe and the world. 

All the evidence indicates that right-wing/nationalist regime decided to go to the end: banning the Communist Party, to remove it from participating in parliamentary elections, to prevent any left-wing opposition in the new Verkhovna Rada. 

For implementation of these sinister plans, those in power used the vile treachery of a few renegades who left the faction and ran into the waiting arms of big capital and those unscrupulous MPs who for their selfish interests are willing to support any illegal actions. 

For the Communist Party, once again comes the difficult times that require of party members courage, tenacity, cohesion, and new efforts to fight for our lofty ideals, the interests of the Motherland and our people. 

Save the party, which already in 1991 was illegally banned! 

We call on all progressive forces and workers to strongly oppose tyranny and lawlessness. Historical experience suggests that repression of the fascist regime is not limited to communists. 

Defend democratic principles of public life!
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