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Israeli shelling kills 20 Palestinians at UNRWA school in Gaza

Updated 4:35 pm: Israeli bombings on Wednesday killed more than 77 Palestinians in Gaza, including at least 20 at a UN school, medics said, on day 23 of Israel’s assault against the besieged strip.

The deaths brought the Palestinian toll to more than 1,306, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said. Qudra added that 180 Palestinians were injured on Wednesday, raising the total number of wounded to 7,200.

Shelling shortly after 5:30 am killed 20 people at the UN school being used as a shelter for those displaced by the war.

An AFP correspondent said the occupation forces had been pounding the area with tank fire for an hour before striking the school.

Blood was splattered across floors and mattresses inside classrooms as survivors picked through shattered glass and debris for flesh and body parts to bury.

At the edge of the schoolyard, some 20 donkeys lay dead, still tied to a railing.

Displaced Palestinians who had already had to leave their homes quickly gathered belongings and fled the building.

Khalil al-Halabi, director of UNRWA’s northern Gaza operations, said some 3,000 Palestinians were taking refuge in the school, in Jabalia refugee camp, when it came under fire around dawn.

"There were five shells — Israeli tank shells — which struck the people and killed many of them as they slept. Those people came to the school because it is a designated UN shelter," he said.

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World condemns Israel as Palestine resists genocide

By Sara Flounders

July 28 — The crimes are staggering, the destruction massive. Israel is creating a 3-kilometer strip of scorched earth around Gaza City that eats up about 44 percent of the Gaza Strip, already the most densely populated place on earth. (U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)

After more than three weeks of ground attacks, Israel has killed more than 1,000 Palestinians in Gaza using aerial bombardment, tank rounds and prohibited weapons. By United Nations estimates, 80 percent of the dead are civilians. UNICEF says 226 children have been killed and 1,516 injured.

Whole neighborhoods have been reduced to rubble. Some 3,175 homes have been destroyed, along with five hospitals and six clinics. Sixty-four mosques and two churches were bombed. The al-Wafa Geriatric Hospital was completely leveled.

Doctors charge that Israel may be using weapons such as white phosphorous, flechettes (small pointed metal darts in tank shells) and Dense Inert Metal Explosives (DIME). “The injuries we receive are unfamiliar to us,” said Muhammad Duaidar, a doctor in the intensive care unit at al-Aqsa hospital. “We have noticed bodies that look melted. We are calling for investigations into such injuries, which we have not [seen] in previous Israeli attacks.” (, July 28)

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From Victim to Colonial Settler: Shifting the Paradigm on Israel

By Ajamu Baraka

The ethical double-standards for non-Europeans versus Europeans – or those who are associated with white power and European civilization, like the Israeli state – are grounded in a generalized acceptance of the civilizational superiority of the West and the division of humanity between those “like us” and “others” who have different standards of human behavior.

This division has always been a fundamental component of white supremacist thought that justified the conquest, pillage and exploitation of most of the non-Western world. 

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Gaza fighters clash with Israeli forces in Occupied Palestine

Updated 9:52 pm: Palestinian gunmen slipped into Occupied Palestine from the Gaza Strip on Monday and penetrated a village near the border before entering clashes with occupation forces, Israeli television said, adding that five militants had been killed.

Hamas said in a statement their fighters had killed 10 Israeli soldiers in the incident before returning home safely. But an Israeli security source told AFP that five Palestinian fighters were shot dead in the gun battle with Israel troops.

Earlier on Monday, an Israeli airstrike hit a public garden in the Beach refugee camp in northern Gaza killing 10 people, eight of them children, and injuring 46 according to medics, ending a relative lull in fighting during the Muslim Eid holiday.

The attack brought the death toll in 21 days of attacks to 1,046.

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Zoom 'Gaza Will Be Free' by Micah Bazant
Via Middle East Children’s Alliance

'Gaza Will Be Free' by Micah Bazant

Via Middle East Children’s Alliance

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Gaza: Displaced Palestinians forced to leave UNRWA schools

By Ahmed Hadi, Al-Akhbar

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) displaced Gazan refugees again when it asked them to leave its schools serving as shelters in al-Maghazi refugee camp to a nearby camp after informing them that their lives were at risk. 

A woman in her 40s told Al-Akhbar: “The UN staff told us that our lives are in danger and we have to leave right away. We were shell-shocked because we were in the street again and did not know where to go.”

Meanwhile, Ban Ki-moon offers “condolences” to Israel…

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New York City: Stop the War on Children! From Gaza to Donbass to the U.S./Mexico Border, Times Square, July 17, 2014.

Photos by redguard

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Fidel Castro: Ukraine's Astonishing Provocation

By Fidel Castro Ruz

This morning’s (Thursday) news was saturated with the astonishing bulletin that a Malaysia Airlines plane had been hit while flying at 10,100 meters high over the territory of the Ukraine on the path under control of the warmongering government of the chocolate king, Petro Poroshenko.

Cuba, which was always supportive of the people of Ukraine, and in the difficult days of the tragedy of Chernobyl attended the health of many children affected by harmful radiation from the accident and will always be prepared to continue such aid, cannot fail to express its rejection by the action of such an anti-Russian, anti-Ukrainian, pro-imperialist government.

In turn, coinciding with the crime of the Malaysia plane, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of a nuclear state, ordered his army to invade the Gaza Strip, where in the preceding days hundreds of Palestinians had died, many of them children. The U.S. president supported the action, calling the heinous crime as an act of self-defense. Obama did not support David against Goliath, but Goliath against David.

As is known, young Israeli men and women, well prepared for productive work, will be exposed to die without honor or glory. I do not know what military doctrine the Palestinians will use, but I know a fighter ready to die can defend even the ruins of a building as long as he has a rifle, as demonstrated by the heroic defenders of Stalingrad [in World War II].

I only wish to express my solidarity with this heroic people defending the last inch of what was their homeland for thousands of years.

We are all focused on the racist genocide against Palestine, and rightly so. But listen to this warning from Comrade Fidel Castro about the dangerous provocation by the Kiev junta and its US masters. Fidel doesn’t often intervene publicly these days; when he does we should take it seriously. We may need to be out in the streets on this crisis tomorrow. - redguard

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CNN boots reporter from Israel-Gaza conflict after 'scum' tweet

CNN has pulled correspondent Diana Magnay out of her post covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after the reporter tweeted that Israelis cheering bombs hitting Gaza, and who had allegedly threatened her, were “scum.”

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Happy birthday Nelson Mandela! Born July 18, 1918. (pictured with his comrade Fidel Castro)

Via Freedom Road Socialist Organization (Fight Back!)
Happy birthday Nelson Mandela! Born July 18, 1918. (pictured with his comrade Fidel Castro)
Via Freedom Road Socialist Organization (Fight Back!)
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