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Neo-nazi Dmitry Yarosh (Right Sector) addresses "anti terrorist" battalion in Donetsk

This video, published by, shows Dmitry Yarosh, the leader of the neo-nazi Right Sector, addressing his troops as part of Kiev’s “anti terrorist operation” on July 6, near the village of Karlivka, 30km away from Donetsk, and is further proof of the involvement and commanding role of far-right and neo-nazi thugs in the security apparatus in Ukraine. 

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London picket: EU - Stop funding fascists in Ukraine!

Over 50 people gathered outside the EU Commission headquarters in Smith Square on Wednesday 9th July to demand that the EU stop funding fascists in Ukraine.

Representatives from the RMT union, the Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine and the Young Communist League all spoke about the need to remember the atrocities being committed against trade unions and left groups in Ukraine by state-sponsored fascist gangs and the need for a labour movement campaign in Britain to demand that our government and the EU stop funding the junta in Kiev. There was also a sizeable presence of Ukranians and Russians.

The mood on the picket was one of determination in the face of western media lies and distortions surrounding the real events in Ukraine. A petition was passed around calling on the EU to cease financial and political support for the Kiev government and its fascist gangs. Leaflets urging people to get involved with the campaign in Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine were distributed to the picketers and passers by and were well received by everyone.

In the words of those on the picket – “Remember Odessa! Stop the fascist junta!”.

(all pictures from Angliya)

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Chicago: March in solidarity with Honduras resistance to the U.S.-backed death-squad regime, July 2, 2014.

Photos by Nelson Arambù

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Who Goes to an Azov Battalion Charity Concert? Here's 10.

By Graham Phillips

The Azov Battalion was formed on May 5th, 4 days later they were involved in still one of the most shocking actions of this Ukraine crisis, the Mariupol massacre. They were the battalion sent out of the Mariupol police hq first, into the streets, shooting, killing unarmed civilians. Since then, involvement in further atrocities across the former east of Ukraine has had them labelled ‘men in black’ (their uniform is all black, unmarked), even a ‘death squad‘. Part of their funding reportedly comes from oligarch Igor Kolomoisky

In addition to Kolomoisky, the unit is part funded by the Ukrainian government and now, as it transpires, part funded by a charity concert taking place in Kharkov on July 13th, comprising heavy and death metal acts, with tickets on sale for 150 UAH (a bit under $13).

So, who would go to this concert? Well, 172 are confirmed, 236 maybes, let’s have a look at 10 – (all photos taken from their Vkontakte profiles, links provided so you can check yourself) -

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Ukraine: Concentration camps for Donbass

By Victor Shapinov, Union Borotba (Struggle)

Here you have three illustrations of modern Ukrainian life. Defense Minister promising filtration camps and resettlement for the population of the South-East. Prime Minister calling his fellow citizens “nedolyudmi” [subhumans]. Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs Battalion fighting under the banner of an SS rune.

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Krasny Liman, Donetsk People’s Republic: “U.S.-backed Ukrainian military killed the wounded in a hospital, then raided every house, where they shot or captured and took away all men between 18 and 40 years old.”

More here: In the tradition of the Wehrmacht

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Ukrainian National Guard Prepares New Repressive Battalion

Kiev, Jun 3 (Prensa Latina) - The National Guard of Ukraine today announced the creation of a third Donbass battalion made up of radicals and former Maidan activists, to quell the resistance in Donetsk and Lugansk.

According to that repressive structure formed after last February’s coup d’etat, more than 300 armed men, from 18 to 55 years old, are part of the third battalion.

The National Guard communique acknowledges that the majority of the “volunteers” are activists who took part in the violent disturbances in the capital during the anti-government protests that ended in the coup d’etat.

The Donbass battalion was created by the leader of the fascist Right Sector organization, Dmitri Yarosh.

The second battalion was created in early June, using former Maidan fighters in battles waged around Slavyansk city, in the Donetsk region. The National Guard is also involved in repressive actions against pockets of resistance in Mariupol, Jarkov, Odessa, and Nikolaev.

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Kharkov, Ukraine: Armed fascists attempt to capture Borotba comrade Denis Levin — they are repulsed by the people!

"20 MAY, 19h, at Freedom Square in Kharkov, there was an attempt by armed men to kidnap the leader of the Kiev organization of "Borotba" DENIS LEVIN. Two shots were fired …. Crowd managed to repel them and they disappeared …. POLICE stood idle…".

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Philippines: Anakbayan member, his brother and father murdered by soldiers in Abra

We condemn the murder of Freddie ‘Fermin’ Ligiw, an Anakbayan member in Abra, his father Licuben and his brother Edie by members of the Philippines Army 41st Infantry Battalion last March 2. The three were gagged, tied-up, killed, and then buried in a shallow grave where they were discovered.

Fermin was supposed to give a testimony regarding how the military forcibly used him as a ‘guide’ (and more likely, as a human shield) by the 41st IB in its operations against the New People’s Army.

Given the recent attacks in the mainstream media by members of the military against ANAKBAYAN, there is clearly only one group in the entire country with an interest in assassinating our members.

Due to the fact that it is the U.S-Aquino regime itself which perpetuates this heinous crimes, we call on the Filipino people, including the revolutionary movement in the countryside, to exact justice for Fermin.

Justice for Fermin Ligiw! Justice for all victims of human rights violations!

Reference: Vencer Crisostomo, Anakbayan national chairperson, @venzie

Fact sheet of the murder prepared by Cordillera Human Rights Alliance can be read here

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Ukraine: Hunting the Left

Demonstrations against the new rulers are impossible. Communists attacked and abused. Fascists patrolling with the police.

By Susann Witt-Stahl, Junge Welt

Kiev - In the February 21 agreement mediated by the three EU foreign ministers between the then government and the opposition in Ukraine, the leaders of the “Maidan” undertook responsibility to disarm all non-governmental militias. This did not happen even after the fall of President Viktor Yanukovych. The Maidan in the center of Kiev is like still an armed camp.  

Even on the interchanges, outside the headquarters of the Ukrainian parliament and other major buildings, everywhere are helmeted and masked fighters in full gear, equipped with iron bars and baseball bats. Quite a few of them carry pistols and revolvers. The red-black flags with the inscription “Prawi sector” (right sector) or UNSO (Ukrainian National Self-Defense, the paramilitary arm of the party Ukrainian National Assembly) and the “Wolf Fishing” yellow armbands which some of the militiamen wear, leave no room for doubt: It is the militant rightists that dominate the public space.

Just days ago, a member of the Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU) was detained during a visit to Kiev by members of the right block, abducted to the base and there mistreated for two days, said Sergei Kiritschuk of the revolutionary Marxist organization Borotba (Struggle). Only on the insistent demands of a woman who volunteered  ​​medical service on the Maidan was the seriously injured man freed. He was put on a train to Moscow and put in a hospital. The diagnosis of the doctors there: Several broken ribs and a lung injury.

The Central Committee of Borotba, which was created in 2006 by former members of the KPU, got to safety in time before the fascist assault squads reached them. To the west of the country and in Kiev, the right-wing already raged a few hours after the fall of Yanukovych, attacking the institutions of communist organizations. Leftists first found refuge in Kharkiv and Donetsk. Many activists left the regions affected by the witch-hunts, Kiritschuk reported.  

Those who had remained in Kiev would have to avoid showing themselves in public. Anti-fascist protests are impossible to organize. ”Every demonstration with a red flag would be immediately attacked by fascist gangs,” said Kiritschuk. ”Europe does not understand what is happening here,” he criticized. The West trivializes the problem.  

Although the ultra-nationalists and fascists were clearly in the minority, “they are very tightly organized, strengthened ideologically — and now they are heavily armed,” he pointed out. “They are driving Ukrainian society to the right.”  

To what extent this is already underway, you can imagine from a measure which has been ordered by the new interior minister Arsen Awakow, a confidant of Julia Tymoshenko: “The State Police has recently been ordered to patrol alongside the self-defense forces of the Maidan,” Kiritschuk reported. ”That is to say, the rightists now also officially control the cities of Ukraine.”

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