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Zoom Northern Dublin
Via KFA Ireland

Northern Dublin

Via KFA Ireland

08.31.14 70
Ferguson: 'High Threat Team' of Former US Navy SEALs to be Deployed to St Louis Area

With clashes between police and protesters increasing in Ferguson, reports indicate that a high threat team, comprising of Special Ops contractors and former Navy SEALs, will be deployed to contain the situation.

Racial tensions in the Missouri city escalated further on Tuesday, after another African American man was shot down by the police, within a week of the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

The decision to deploy Special Ops contractors and former Navy SEALs was announced by a private military security service provider - Asymmetric Solutions - on its Twitter account.

08.25.14 214
On August 21, 2014 war criminal Michael Oren was speaking at a JUF fundraiser in the Hilton Hotel 720 W. Michigan Ave, Chicago. At the same time, Students for Justice in Palestine-Chicago planned a mass die-in in front of the Hilton entrance. Many including myself laid down in silence for about 10 minutes before the chanting resumed. 
All photos are mine (tumblr: fotp-friendofthepeople) except for the last one (photo of us on ground) which photo credit goes to tumblr user abbyoftroy.
Thanks for the submission,Tali!
08.23.14 106
Countries Criticized by US Turn Tables Over Ferguson Crisis

Police aggression. Detention of journalists. A call for respect for minority populations. They’re the type of issues the United States is usually scolding other countries about. This time, however, the criticism is coming the other direction.

Iran’s Grand Ayatollah tweeted about the “brutal treatment” of black people in the United States using the #Ferguson hashtag, China’s official mouthpiece wrote about America’s “human rights flaw,” and the Egyptian government called for “restraint and respect for the right of assembly and peaceful expression of opinion.”

The condemnation is not only limited to countries who may be gloating about the chance to slam the United States about its internal affairs for a change.

On Monday, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, through a spokesman, called on authorities “to ensure that the rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression are protected.”

“He calls on all to exercise restraint, for law enforcement officials to abide by U.S. and international standards in dealing with demonstrators,” Stephane Dujarric, the spokesman said.

Amnesty International, the global human rights organization, said it had sent observers to Ferguson. It’s the first time the group has deployed such a team within the United States.

08.22.14 144

Giant Palestinian Flag Unfurled From Manhattan Bridge To Protest Israeli Attacks On Gaza

An enormous Palestinian flag was unfurled from the south side of the Manhattan Bridge earlier this evening as protesters marched across the nearby Brooklyn Bridge to protest Israeli attacks in Gaza. The flag, which bore writing that read “Boycott, Divest, Sanction,” hung from the bridge for at least 30 minutes before it was removed.

The march began in Brooklyn at Cadmen Plaza and was bound for NYPD headquarters, where, organizers say, a demonstration would draw “attention to the unequivocal support of Israel by NYC’s political elite, despite overwhelming condemnation from the international community… connecting Palestinian resistance to Israeli aggression to recent struggles in the U.S. against highly militarized police departments. Many of these same police departments have trained and shared ‘tactics’ with the Israeli government, including the New York City and St. Louis, Missouri Police Departments, most recently on display in Ferguson, Missouri.”

Photos by Josmar Trujillo

08.21.14 237
Zoom Manila, Philippines: March on the U.S. Embassy demands ‘Stop the war on Gaza!’, August 13, 2014.
Photo by Buhay Manggagawa

Manila, Philippines: March on the U.S. Embassy demands ‘Stop the war on Gaza!’, August 13, 2014.

Photo by Buhay Manggagawa

08.16.14 76
Zoom Resistance is justified from Ferguson to Gaza!
International Action Center

Resistance is justified from Ferguson to Gaza!

International Action Center

08.15.14 76
Zoom Via Anti-Imperialist League

Via Anti-Imperialist League

08.15.14 36
Palestinians express "solidarity with the people of Ferguson" in Mike Brown statement

Palestinian individuals and groups have issued this statement in solidarity with the community of the latest black youth to be gunned down by American police.

We recognize the disregard and disrespect for black bodies and black life endemic to the supremacist system that rules the land with wanton brutality. Your struggles through the ages have been an inspiration to us as we fight our own battles for basic human dignities. We continue to find inspiration and strength from your struggles through the ages and your revolutionary leaders, like Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Kwame Ture, Angela Davis, Fred Hampton, Bobby Seale and others.

08.15.14 113
Why Washington bankrolls massacres and military rule in Egypt

By Fred Goldstein

It is essential to emphasize that every tank, every armored personnel carrier, every helicopter and every bullet was supplied to the Egyptian military by the Pentagon. Every death is ultimately the responsibility of Washington, which has enabled the military to rule in Cairo for over three decades.

It is the $1.3 billion a year in military supplies that has kept this corrupt military grouping in power. The money is in return for guarding the interests of the oil companies and the U.S. Navy in the Suez Canal. It is for honoring the 1979 peace treaty with Israel and the Egyptian pledge to safeguard the U.S.-backed Zionist state.

U.S. aid to Egypt also serves to safeguard the bourgeois-feudal oil monarchies in Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states. The Egyptian military is the bedrock of U.S. imperialist power in the region.

Washington claims that it has no power to influence the Egyptian military in the present crisis. Nothing could be further from the truth. The $1.3 billion in aid constitutes massive leverage.

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