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Sukant Chandan: Gaza and East Ukraine are one struggle

Al Etejah English TV interview with Sukant Chandan of Sons of Malcolm, speaking on Ukraine and making the connection with Gaza, both peoples’ civilians are being massacred in residential blocks by the same NATO powers. July 29, 2014

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Ukraine: Elements of a possible ‘coup within the coup’

The latest developments in Ukraine bear close attention.

This is not fully thought out, obviously, but some points to consider:

1. June-July - Igor Kolomoisky and allied oligarchs who fund Right Sector and other fascist groups set up fiefdom in Dnepropetrovsk in defiance of Poroshenko.

2. June-July - Alleged negotiations between some forces in Moscow, Denis Pushilin, and Dontesk oligarch Rinat Ahkmetov for a “compromise” that could undermine the Donetsk People’s Republic. It’s said this plan was scuttled by Strelkov’s successful withdrawal from Slavyansk in early July. (See )

3. July 17 - Downing of MH17 to escalate war crisis with Russia.

4. July 18 – Chair of the DNR Supreme Soviet Denis Pushilin announces resignation in Moscow.

5. July 22 – Turchinov (former interim president, now parliament speaker) and President Poroshenko move to speed up ban on Communist Party faction in parliament (attempt to appease the fascists and prevent a split?)

6. July 24 - Withdrawal of Svoboda and UDAR from the Kiev government.

7. July 24 - Resignation of Yatsenyuk, Washington’s hand-picked prime minister.

The backdrop to all of these developments is the growing economic crisis as the scissors of IMF/EU/US austerity and the end of cheap fuel on credit from Russia begins to close.

Along the same lines, Garon Archer writes: “Could the destabilization of Parliament, even an ultra-reactionary parliament, lead to the consolidation of power by one or a coalition of fascist parties (probably the one favored by NATO-bloc most) through direct military dictatorship? It seems that the tasks of the fascists so-far has been to dismantle and destroy all democratic institutions and oppositions, as expected. It would seem then that the natural conclusion of this would be total overthrow of bourgeois democracy. After considering all of that, one must question the real motive behind the split of the fascists in Parliament.”

- redguard

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No ban on the Communist Party of Ukraine! Stop the lynching of anti-fascists!

July 24 - Workers World condemns in the strongest terms the latest moves by the far-right government in Ukraine, backed by the United States, to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU). 

The new measure against the country’s largest political organization comes on the heels of a war frenzy against Russia and the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, whipped up after the crash of the Malaysian Airliner on July 17. Both Kiev and Washington have accused Moscow and the rebels in southeastern Ukraine of downing the civilian plane without a shred of evidence. 

We have also learned that a local Communist Party leader in Donetsk, Glinsky Secretary Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Kovshun, was tortured and murdered by the Ukrainian National Guard near the town on Luzhky on the night of July 22. 

The lynching of the this long-time communist activist, like the massacre at the Odessa House of Trade Unions on May 2, exposes the junta’s real agenda: to murder, imprison or exile not only KPU leaders, but all anti-fascist and pro-socialist fighters in Ukraine. 

A show trial of the Communist Party was set to begin on July 24 in Kiev, charging the country’s largest political organization with supporting “separatism” and “terrorism.” 

The KPU has been targeted for its opposition to the February coup d’etat that brought a coalition of neoliberal politicians, oligarchs and outright fascists to power, and for opposing the civil war unleashed against the largely industrial, working-class southeastern Donbass region of Donetsk and Lugansk, where a strong anti-fascist resistance is contending for power. 

Since the coup, Communist Party offices have been occupied and burned down by neo-Nazi groups like Right Sector and Svoboda, party activists have been kidnapped and beaten, and parliamentarians physically attacked. While campaigning for president last May, Communist Party leader Peter Simonenko survived an assassination attempt after a television debate. 

Not satisfied to await the results of the kangaroo court, the rump Verkhovna Rada (parliament), having effectively banned elected members of the KPU, the Party of Regions and others following the illegal coup, changed its rules July 22 to allow parliament speaker Oleksandr Turchynov to dissolve the Communist Party parliamentary group. Billionaire President Petro Poroshenko signed a bill the same day legalizing the move. 

“Tomorrow morning [Thursday], it will be published in Golos Ukrainy [official newspaper of the Verkhovna Rada], meaning it will come into force, and I will fulfill a historic mission and announce the Communist Party’s cessation,” Turchynov said while opening the July 23 parliamentary session. 

Don’t expect any condemnation of this blatantly anti-democratic measure from the U.S. or its NATO allies. Washington spent billions of dollars to topple the elected government of President Viktor Yanukovich and has pumped in billions more to assist the regime’s terrorist war on Donbass, as part of its campaign to station NATO troops and weapons on Russia’s border. 

Sergei Kirichuk, national coordinator of Union Borotba (Struggle) – himself forced into exile by the junta following the Odessa massacre – writes: 

“Destruction of the Communist Party today will drive all leftist movements underground. This will set a precedent for the fierce persecution of all who share anti-fascist and socialist views. The country has slid into a bloody dictatorship under a regime of rightist politicians who for the first time in a hundred years has unleashed a civil war against its own people. And now we need broad solidarity with those who face the repression of rights.” 

Stop the war on Dobass! U.S. out of Ukraine! Hands off the Communist Party, Borotba and the anti-fascist resistance!

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MH17: Killing Innocent Civilians in Order to Save Ukraine for Fascism & NATO Expansion

By Vladimir Suchan

On the heels of announcements that Ukraine refuses to give to the international investigators of the MH17 crash records of the conversations and directions passed between Ukrainian air traffic controllers and the Malaysian Boeing are coming reports that these records got lost, and that the key key dispatcher from Dnepropetrovsk who was communicating with the plane has disappeared.

Other reports alleged that a group of US experts is busy reviewing the records in order to decide what can and cannot be released and in which form, if at all. Perhaps the decision has already been made.

The air traffic control, which guided the plane in its last moment over the Donetsk People’s Republic, operates from Dnepropetrovsk, which is also the bastion and main seat of oligarch Ihor Kolomeysky’s power and his expanding Nazi fiefdom.

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Russian communists to Putin: Take action to end genocide in Donbass

Donetsk’s People’s Republic (DNR) and Lugansk People’s Republic (LC) smothered in blood and fire 

Statement of the Moscow Committee of the EIF-CPSU Moscow City and Moscow regional committees ROT FRONT 

To: President of the Russian Federation VV Putin 

Citizen President! 

Every day brings news of new victims of Nazi atrocities unleashed by the Kiev junta’s fratricidal war on their own people behalf of the U.S. imperialists and ultra-nationalists. Meanwhile, your administration not only continues to make empty diplomatic gestures, but withdrew the permission of the Federation Council on the use of armed forces of the Russian Federation for the salvation of people abroad.  

On behalf of the working people of Russia, all internationalists and people of good will, the Moscow branch of the political party Russian United Labor Front and the Moscow organization of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party resolutely demand at this crucial hour for Russia and Ukraine:  

1. Immediately recognize the DNR and LC, formed on the basis of legitimate referendums held in Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine.  

2. Conclude with the DNR and LC agreements on economic and military cooperation, involving military assistance in case of military aggression, at the request of the legitimate authorities and victims of armed aggression.  

3.  Provide the DNR and LC with substantial interest-free to purchase any Russian goods, including weapons, not prohibited by international conventions.  

4. Immediately present the Poroshenko administration Poroshenko an ultimatum with two basic requirements:  

- within 48 hours,  withdraw all military and paramilitary forces from the territories of the DNR and LC and resolve disputed issues by peaceful means;  

- immediately stop political terror in Ukraine, aimed against the communists, anti-fascists and other opposition forces.  

5. Declare that in case of failure to comply with the ultimatum, the Russian Federation reserves the freedom to take any political, economic and military actions necessary to halt the genocide in the DNR and LC.  

6. Clearly state that Russia rejects any territorial annexations in the DNR and LC, as well as other administrative territories of Ukraine, as of June 2014.  

To show you, Citizen President, that our demands are shared by a large number of progressive people of Russia, we begin to collect signatures in support of these claims.  

If our demands are ignored, we will treat you like a criminal, guilty of inaction and failure to provide assistance to our brothers and sisters, as well as a traitor to the interests of Russians, Ukrainians and citizens of other nationalities suffering today from the NATO-fascist aggression in the DNR and LC, and will do everything in our power to dismiss you from your post.  

We do not want and will not tolerate criminal acquiescence to the Bandera fascist evil. Millions of people, not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in the whole world, will never forgive you for  complicity in the destruction of the DNR and LC, which are today the main centers of the Ukrainian resistance to Nazism and the aggressive plans of NATO and, above all, the United States.

Moscow City Committee of the Russian United Labor Front 

Moscow Oblast Committee of the Russian United Labor Front 

Moscow Committee of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party

Translation by redguard

07.22.14 19
Ukraine: ‘Boeing’ and butchery

By Sergei Kirichuk, Union Borotba (Struggle)

The tragedy of the innocent victims of MH17 is being used by the Ukrainian media as a justification for civilian casualties in the Donbass. An atmosphere of hatred swept the country and even many sensible people began to jump to bellicose conclusions. Meanwhile, government troops began a new offensive — with no regard for any loss of life by soldiers of the regular army or among the civilian population. 

Read More

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Málaga, Autonomous Community of Andalusia, Spain: Rally in memory of the victims of the 1936 fascist military coup in Spain, and the victims of Ukrainian and NATO-backed fascism in the Donbass, July 18, 2014.

Via Antifascist Malaga

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Malaysian airline crash: U.S./EU to blame - Workers World

The world is shocked and dismayed that in the midst of a civil war in Ukraine, provoked by United States and European Union imperialism, 298 people have died in the crash of a Malaysian airliner on July 18 in the war area.

We at Workers World have no special information at this time — July 19 — about why the plane crashed. We know that Russia has no motive, and it has control of its military. We know that the Ukrainian military is poorly organized and subject to pressure from the murderous fascist forces that have been integrated into the state directed from Kiev; we know that neoconservative elements from the U.S. have strong influence in Washington’s policy in Ukraine and its aggressive hostility toward Russia.

We also believe that the popular resistance forces in southeast Ukraine do not control weapons capable of shooting down a plane flying at that altitude, nor do they have any interest in shooting down a civilian airliner from Malaysia. Only U.S. and EU imperialism can gain and are trying to gain by exploiting the incident and using it against Russia.

President Barack Obama has already blamed Russia, saying that the cause of the shootdown was the war situation in Ukraine and claiming Russia caused that war.

We disagree completely with Obama’s statement that Russian foreign policy is responsible for the war in Ukraine.

On the contrary, it is the aggressive policy of U.S. and EU imperialism that has created a war situation in Ukraine. The U.S. and the EU supported a coup in February that brought to power in Kiev a regime dedicated to bringing Ukraine under the influence of the International Monetary Fund and subjecting the Ukrainian workers to austerity — as has already been done in Greece, Spain and Portugal — and attaching Ukraine to NATO.

To carry out this coup the pro-West Ukrainian oligarchy has leaned on the support of openly pro-fascist forces, such as the Right Sector, who don’t even shy away from identifying with the Nazi occupiers of Ukraine during World War II.

For the people of Ukraine, and especially the workers of the southeast, such a coup in Kiev could only raise resistance — a righteous and heroic, anti-fascist resistance based on the history of resistance to the Nazi occupation. The aggression from Kiev — which now includes the bombing of cities in the southeast, killing civilians and forcing tens of thousands to flee to Russia — makes such a civil war inevitable.

If the plane crash was actually a byproduct of the civil war, it was not Russian foreign policy, but U.S./NATO imperialism — that set up a regime in Kiev filled with fascist sympathizers and forced the people of the southeast Ukraine to resist — that is responsible.

Stop the U.S./EU intervention in Ukraine! Long live the resistance!

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Kharkov, Ukraine: Rally protesting the “Collapse of public health services in Ukraine,” July 16, 2014.

People protested against funding the so-called ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation] by cutting funding for the various branches of the social sector. The main theme of today’s action was health care. 

Doctors in Ukraine today receive ridiculously low salaries. They are forced to take bribes to survive in today’s realities. The medical profession became unpopular because of the complexity and length of training, as well as low compensation. As a result, we have a shortage of doctors, with low qualifications (due in part to cuts in budgets for scientific research in the field). 

The lack of supplies in hospitals and clinics means that people have to fend for themselves for many drugs and materials. People with low income simply cannot afford to get “free market health care.” It’s a social disaster present in our country for a long time, and for all that time, no one in power was concerned with returning the industry to its normal state.

To dramatize the situation, a flash mob depicted people coming to the hospital with fractures and leaving with heart attacks caused by the shocking price of “free market health care.”

In the middle of the action, a bunch of goons with Ukrainian flags pushed up against the protesters, shouting “Putin’s fault!” Apparently, Putin is the reason for 23 years of decline in Ukraine’s health care? People responded with perplexity to their shouts of “Glory to heroes!” They wondered who these characters are, who abandon health care, and why they should have “fame” and not the scaffold? 

Afterward, people moved closer to the monument to Lenin, and were divided into two groups (with the help of the police, of course). As a result there were two rallies: one under the flag of anti-fascism, the second under the flag of NATO. Symbolic, isn’t it?

Via Union Borotba (Struggle)

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