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PFLP: Escalate the Resistance! Occupy the Occupier’s Embassies and Consulates!

Now, it is time to escalate the international resistance. The tanks are rolling into Gaza. The occupier’s embassies and consulates must not be allowed to operate as normal and engage in business as usual while its forces are conducting a murderous occupation.

U.S. imperial power must not continue uninterrupted around the world while it provides the economic, political and military support that runs the killing machine – in fact, the U.S. imperialists’ Congress have just passed a bill to provide more money and more funding to make the occupation’s killing machine even more lethal against the Palestinian and Arab people.

  • Occupy Israeli embassies and consulates – shut them down, close their doors, prevent them from engaging in business as usual. The occupation state must be entirely boycotted and isolated, and fully rejected as the illegitimate settler-colonial occupier that it is.
  • Occupy U.S. embassies and consulates – U.S. imperialism is the principal sponsor of the killer occupation in Palestine and it must be held accountable by the people of the world for its crimes, not only in Palestine but throughout the world.
  • Take the profits from the hands of the killer corporations – Already protesters are confronting these killer corporations like Boeing, Lockheed Martin and G4S, facing arrest in U.S. cities such as Chicago. These corporations must face consequences – their operations interrupted and shut down. No more profits from Palestinian blood!
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An analysis of the events in Gaza

By Ibrahim al-Amin, Al-Akhbar

Concerning the Resistance forces, we have to acknowledge, with admiration, pride, reassurance, and hope, that what the Resistance fighters are doing in Gaza today is a qualitative leap in the performance of the Palestinian Resistance. Their conduct on the battlefield as well as on the political level portends good things of the kind we saw in Lebanon before.

Furthermore, the performance of the Resistance in the past few days underscores why it needs all the support it can get. Those who believe in the importance of shoring up the abilities of the Resistance must seek ways to support it with funds, equipment, and additional skills. The Resistance does not lack personnel, nor bright and innovative minds, and it does not need advice or lessons. It needs the wherewithal to manufacture weapons that can deter the enemy.

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New York City: Stop the War on Children! From Gaza to Donbass to the U.S./Mexico Border, Times Square, July 17, 2014.

Photos by redguard

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Manifesto of the People’s Front for the Liberation of Ukraine, Novorossiya and Transcarpathian Rus

Approved by the Yalta resistance conference, 7 July 2014

What is the socially-oriented people’s republic for which we are fighting?

The socially-oriented people’s republic is the political form of organisation of a society in which:

  • the interests of the people and of their rounded development – spiritual, intellectual, social and physical – represent the highest goals and tasks of the state;
  • all power lies with the people and is exercised by them through elected organs of direct representation;
  • every worker-citizen has the right to medical care, education, pension provisions and social security at the expense of the state;
  • liveable pensions are paid, and all citizens enjoy guarantees of adequate social security in case of loss of employment or temporary or permanent disability;
  • any private or collective initiative is permitted provided it benefits the people and their development;
  • usurious financial capitalism, that lives on loan interest, is prohibited. Money must be earned not through any kind of debt bondage, but through the realisation of successful projects;
  • the state, acting in the name of the people and controlled by the people’s representatives, is the largest holder of capital and controls the strategic sectors of the economy;
  • private property is permitted, but society places controls on large fortunes and on their investment in the economy and politics. No-one is allowed to parasitically exploit the people, to establish oligarchic empires or to dominate people through creating artificial monopolies.
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PFLP: We reject so-called ceasefire proposal; Resistance is shaking strongest military in region

Comrade Hani Thawabteh, member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said that the so-called ceasefire proposal is a new attempt to chain the Palestinian resistance, and that the response of the resistance to this initiative will come through targeting Zionist settlements and sites.

The Arab regimes and “international community” are co-conspirators in the Zionist aggression on Gaza, said Thawabteh. Thawabteh noted that the so-called ceasefire initiative excludes the needs of the Palestinian people, and guarantees no “calm” from the ongoing attacks by settlers in the West Bank and Jerusalem and the ongoing Zionist attacks of all forms against our people everywhere.

In an interview with Al-Quds TV, Thawabteh said that the Palestinian resistance was able to record real advances in their response to the Zionist assault on Gaza, forming a dilemma for the Zionist enemy which seeks to grasp at an initiative for “calm.” The occupation state launched a war against civilians in full view of the people of the world, said Thawabteh, and meanwhile the resistance proved its readiness through tactics presented by the resistance in the field, and despite its modest resources, it has shaken the strongest military arsenal in the Middle East.

Responding to the threats of occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to continue and escalate their assault in the event of non-compliance with the so-called ceasefire, Thawabteh said that “the Palestinian people have the will and determination to continue their struggle until the last drop of blood. Zionist threats have been continuous since the first Zionist assault on Gaza.” He warned that any ground invasion and war will become a cemetery for the soldiers of the occupation, and that the enemy understands that such a ground invasion will be very costly.

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Stand with GAZA!

When oppression makes life a living hell for those who suffer under it, there can be no end to their resistance, whatever the cost.

This is what the Israeli settler state and its imperialist backers, particularly the U.S. ruling class, fail to take into account as they try to bludgeon and squeeze the people of Gaza until they can take no more.

But millions around the world recognize what is going on in Palestine — whose very name is denied by the settler state of Israel. Their hearts go out to the people of Gaza, who are sacrificing everything rather than submit to Israel’s relentless bombing.

They know that the money and weapons provided by the Pentagon have led to an incredibly one-sided struggle. As of July 14, some 172 Palestinians had been killed by Israeli air strikes, 140 of them civilians. One bombing killed 18 members of the same family. Thousands more were wounded. Not one Israeli had died.

Yet the people of Gaza refuse to surrender — again showing their enormous solidarity and courage.

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PFLP: Massive assault against civilians in Gaza requires unity and confrontation

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Gaza issued a statement on July 10, describing the heinous crimes committed by the Zionist occupation forces in the Gaza Strip as a war of overall aggression which exceeds all limits of logic and humanity. It called for the resistance factions to escalate strikes in each areas, including rockets and missiles, to compel the occupying entity to pay a price for its aggression.

The occupation forces are escalating their attacks on Gaza, including bombing and demolishing family homes inhabited by children, women and elders, targeting journalists, the latest of which was the assassination of journalist Hamdi Shehab yesterday, targeting medical personnel and ambulances, health centers and hospitals. All of this reflects the state of bankruptcy which the criminal enemy has reached, its confusion and inability to confront the resistance.

The Front denounced the extreme official Arab silence and international indifference in the face of the destruction in the Gaza Strip, asking if the bodies of women, children and elders pulled from under the rubble of destroyed homes are not sufficient to spark the conscience of international humanitarian agencies and the world, and promising that their Palestinian blood will not have been shed in vain.

The Front dismissed the emergency hearing of the Security Council called by the Arab Group, noting that it comes far too late, after over 80 martyrs and thousands of wounded, the destruction of homes and infrastructure, urging real international action to hold the occupation state accountable for its crimes.

The Front also renewed its call for the necessity of the leadership in power in the PLO to join the International Criminal Court and seek to bring the criminal enemy to trial for its crimes committed against the Palestinian people. Continued postponement is a betrayal of the blood of the martyrs.

The Front also reaffirmed the unity of our people in all locations against the horrific Zionist attack, calling on our people in the West Bank to take to the streets and escalate confrontation against the occupation army and settlers, and for the military wings of the armed resistance there to move to strike the occupation everywhere. Further, it called upon all members of Palestinian security agencies to reject the constraints and obligations of Oslo and instead join the Palestinian people to confront the occupier and protect the people.


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Urgent appeal from Donetsk People’s Militia Commander Igor Streklov, July 6

URGENT! GENOCIDE by the Ukrainian fascist junta is building up! Gaining momentum! Destroyed part of the Donbass people!

Brothers and sisters, we must act:

1) activists, civil society organizations and movements: it is URGENT to prepare and go to rallies, marches, build human chains, picket the U.S. and European embassies and consulates! Demand ceasefire, “Stop genocide of Russian Donbass”

2) all specialists who can bear arms, your help is vital: 
+38 095-636-05-20 093-398-46-67 38 + 38 096-045-84-78 
Deadline: voenkom.dnr @
in Russia: 
+7 967 171 27 09 +7 926 428 99 51 e-mail:
+7 920 509 74 13 7 926 158 01 43

3) Politicians, people of good will, all those who have connections with progressive organizations and citizens of European countries, we ask them to hold pickets, rallies, demonstrations! Urgently need their help!

4) Internet troops, please help and repost — we must inform everyone!
EVERYTHING! Do not be indifferent!

Let us stand united against the genocide of the Donbass people! Together against the U.S. policy grafted onto neo-Nazis who took upon themselves the right to decide who lives who dies.

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Zoom Nelson Arambù, Honduras resistance activist and LGBTQ leader, talks about how the crisis of child refugees imprisoned at the U.S. border is tied to displacement caused by U.S. funding of the right-wing military regime in Honduras and the “drug war” in Central America.
At the Center for Constitutional Rights, New York, June 30, 2014.
Photo by redguard

Nelson Arambù, Honduras resistance activist and LGBTQ leader, talks about how the crisis of child refugees imprisoned at the U.S. border is tied to displacement caused by U.S. funding of the right-wing military regime in Honduras and the “drug war” in Central America.

At the Center for Constitutional Rights, New York, June 30, 2014.

Photo by redguard

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